You were raised by the Order of the Arcane Fist. The order was formed to protect or destroy dangerous magical relics & artefacts. The order is a union between an ancient monk sect and a magical college of wizards. Centuries ago they formed to destroy a dangerous artefact, since then they have continued the tradition. Now the order maintains a vigilant guard, protecting the monastery headquarter located in a remote mountain location. The monastery is said to protect some of the most dangerous relics know to history. Monks or wizards schooled under the teachings of the monastery are encouraged to leave the monastery in order to enforce the aims of the order.

Now you are out on your own choosing the Nentire Vale (a part of the Empire of Nerath) as your destination. A realm once part of the Great Kingdom, first to fall in the Vecna war two centuries ago.

Order of the Arcane Fist

Arcane symbols by stinkmeaner Hailnurgle